The 5 best ways to advertise your business and your website


Following on from our blog How today’s best free web design software outperforms websites worth £20,000, We are going to explain the 5 best ways to advertise your business and your website…


For those with a marketing budget you can consider:


1. Start contacting numerous marketing experts to get you more business but you must set out the ground rules very clearly with them beforehand as very few marketing companies will offer you a guaranteed return on investment so this alone should set your alarm bells ringing because if you think about it for just a moment, they are supposed to be the marketing experts so surely they must know if and how many of your products and or services they can potentially sell if they do X or Y or Z? If not, then for sure I would not be employing them for my company as not only would they have little to no incentive to get you great results, it also shows you that they are either not confident in your products and or services demand or they don't really care enough about your business but rather their own or they are not real marketing experts, either way it's not what you want, so make sure that you choose them very carefully on this factor alone and you will see how many of them just fall away from the project.


Once you have found a great marketing company that will work as you NEED them to work, then you can give them access to your website designer software to really start getting you loads of new business every day.


For those that want to advertise their business for free and don’t have much budget.


2. Ensure that you have the right website design software, that will enable you yourself to make very quick changes, be that in images, text videos or other, like changing or putting certain products and or services on special offers within seconds etc., you should ensure that your website is multi device friendly so that it shows perfectly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices and your mobile device website should always be different from your desktop and tablet website versions as not only do people use their mobiles differently and the space allowed is much less, now over 50% of searches are being carried out on mobile devices and this number is only increasing every day so you have to get this one right if you want to be truly successful in business.


3. The first and most important marketing and advertising for your website to get going is your website's (SEO), which means search engine optimisation so that your website gets to the top of all the search engines like Google and Bing etc.


SEO in itself is not rocket science, although many SEO companies will tell you otherwise, SEO is all about getting all the URL's, titles, H1, H2's, text, images and videos tags etc. marked up properly on your website and then lots of hard work in getting blogs and posting onto your website and other websites and your social media accounts.


4. Blog and write about things that will interest people and don't blog or post trying to sell them something as firstly people will just see this as selling and they will not trust you as they will see that you are only interested in yourself and also search engines like Google and Bing etc. are very clever so they will not rank your website if people are not spending time reading or listening to what you post as search engines now look at how long people spend on it and also if they actually interact with you like commenting on your blogs or posts so do it right.


Once you have this going, then you are on your way to topping the search engines and getting loads of new business without spending any money but of course you also need to get business now and also you need to get traffic coming to your website to do that.



5. One of the most effective way that you can REALLY measure your (ROI) return on investment is through (PPC) Pay Per Click Adwords with Google or Bing/Yahoo as these will allow you to target the exact people who are searching for your specific products and or services and you can define your marketing criteria to even more detail like age groups, region and more so that you only pay for clicks from those people you really want looking at your business products and or services. Google also offers you great analytics so that you can see exactly where these people are coming from, what devices they are using and much more, which will all enable you to define your marketing even better as time passes so you end up spending less to get more.


What else can I do?


There are so many options depending upon your products and or services and their profit margins like events, general publications and much more.


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