So am I saying the best free web design software’s can do exactly what a website that costs £20,000 can do?

No… I’m saying it can actually do more!


From my experience of consulting for literally Hundreds of businesses, I found the vast majority of business's websites are merely just that… a pretty brochure in the sky, with some businesses paying upwards of £20,000 for them.


Basically; unless your website is capable of physically tying in a REAL marketing machine behind it, never mind knowing what this means or how to do it, then most likely your website is little more than a pretty business brochure in the sky where you have to actually direct people to go to it.


So what does that mean?


If you have to actually give people your website address, then for sure you are not going to be getting much traffic to your website and thus it won't be doing much business for you.


Your website should be creating new and more business for you each day on its own!


So how do you make it do that?


You require website designer software that allows professional marketers to access it very simply, very easily and also directly within seconds, otherwise they will be forever messing around in your website code and potentially causing your website problems, not to mention taking much longer for every job so that that their response time and their costs to you are naturally increased.


Many businesses allow their website designer company to do it all for them, which in many cases is a very bad option indeed as very few companies rarely have all the skills required to do it all properly and very importantly, very cost effectively!


So once you have secured excellent website design software that will enable YOU to give immediate access to your website, in order for marketers to do their work and nothing else, then you can really start being responsive in marketing as we all must be in this day and age of business.




With today’s technology, online users needs and businesses needs, your website needs to be more than just a pretty brochure. It needs to give the end users the ability to purchase, book and communicate instantly with the business. From our experience, having consulted with businesses who have paid £20,000 plus for their websites, they we horrified when we explained that todays best free web design software can give them not only what they paid for, but can also give them the structure and tools for their business expansion.


In our next blog, we will be highlighting the 5 best ways to advertise your business and what kind of marketing should you be doing with your website.