As a business consultancy firm helping small and medium sized business, one of the first points we establish when helping a business is “what makes their business different to its competitors and what unique selling points are they using when they are marketing their business”.


Creating unique selling points for your business may seem difficult but it’s not that hard as we shall show you here through the examples below.


In case you don’t know what a unique selling point is, a unique selling point is what makes your business stand out from your competitor businesses in the eyes of potential clients.

Unique selling points must be displayed clearly in every possible communication a business does so whether that’s showing them on marketing promotions for a specific product or service or shown in an email, even when the business is communicating generally, still the business must always look to display them at every given opportunity just to ensure that everyone recognises what’s special about their business.


Business is all about solving people’s problems so unique selling points should always cover this area, even if the problem it solves is what people can best do with their free time.

Here are some great examples of unique selling points in buisness:


1. We will be working for you even when you’re sleeping…

Everyone is in a hurry these days so confirming that you work to get what they want sorted as quickly as possible will never go wrong.

Did you know that most successful businesses in the world have been built around offering a product or service that saves time and is convenient for its customers?

You only need to take a look at the fast food industry who cater for people who don’t have the time or the inclination to cook.


2. We will do it better than any of our competitors or we will do it for free…

People will always buy cheaper if they can’t see why they should want to pay more so it’s vitally important to confirm why people should want to pay more to you than your competitor’s cheaper offers.

This unique selling point may seem a little scary to use but it can work amazingly if you do it right so just contact us to show you how if you are not sure about this but would like to review it in more detail.


3. We sell it to you cheaper than any of our competitors…

If you are selling on price, then you had better have a great supply to back this up and it is important to confirm how and or why you can sell it to them cheaper, like for example, we sell it to you cheaper than any of our competitors because we buy in major bulk so we can quite simply get better prices for you.


4. We will fix your xxx quicker than any of our competitors…

Here it is also very important to explain how you can guarantee this, like for example, we only deal in xxx so that not only are we experts at xxx, we also always have plenty of stock at hand to ensure you are never waiting around for parts.


Hopefully this has given you some great ideas for your business and if you have a certain type of business where you are struggling for ideas, then simply leave a comment or contact us directly by clicking Contact Us now and we will get back to you to show you what you can do.